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  • Sen. Jim Webb has flown to Burma to talk to the country's dictator. Why? Because Jim Webb is awesome. That's why.
  • The most shameful thing about these lies about Obama's health care plan is that they're not a result of misconceptions, and it's not a rumor that's spread among well-intentioned people. It's a very public, very deliberate, brazen lie, repeated by people who know full well that they're lying, in order to deceive the public and create opposition to what would otherwise be a very popular program. The Washington Times, Fox News, Michael Steele, Sen. Chuck Grassley, Rush Limbaugh, Cal Thomas — they all know that they're lying, but it's all they've got, so they'll keep it up.
  • The tone in this image isn't right ("conservatards"?), but I like the messaging: Democrats protest the use of taxes to kill people, Republicans protest the use of taxes to save people.
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  • A handy chart. In brief, hard cheeses, hard meats, and fruits & veggies are A-OK. Everything else is not.
  • Two days after Sen. Creigh Deeds pledged to support the Wallops Island Spaceport, Bob McDonnell is one-upping him with a promise of one MEEELLION dollars in state funding. I bet you can put a shiny coat of primer on the bottom half of a rocket with that kind of foldin' money.
  • All of the vocals from the Beach Boys' masterpiece, without an instrument to be heard. It's brilliant. I was thinking that this was a result of stripping out the instrumentation, but the more I listen, the more I think that somebody got ahold of the original recordings of the vocals.
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  • A fellow explains how he wrote the code to use an iPhone photo of a Sudoku puzzle to near-instantly convert it into something that can be completed on-screen. As a programmer who has done some similar work, I really enjoyed reading how he accomplished this.

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7 replies on “links for 2009-08-14”

  1. That vocal track of “Caroline No” was included as part of a 30th anniversary Pet Sounds box set. In addition the the album, the set included “The Pet Sounds Sessions”, which is 3 CDs worth of alternate versions, instrumental tracks and vocal-only tracks. A great compilation for Brian Wilson/Beach Boy fans.

    A couple of great quotes from the liner notes:

    “If there is one person that I have to select as a living genius of pop music, i would choose Brian Wilson.” – George Martin

    “I’m not a genius. I’m just a hard-working guy.” – Brian Wilson

  2. “Democrats protest the use of taxes to kill people, Republicans protest the use of taxes to save people.”

    You’ve obviously never been to pro-abortion or a pro-life rally.

  3. And Republicans don’t regard taxes as being able to save people. Funny how these issues get framed.

  4. from Patrick’s large stack of Beach Boys CDs and Box Sets, I was once able to construct an entire CDs worth of “vocals only” Pet Sounds, as well as the “instrumentals only” counterpart. Once tried playing them both at the same time, when I was drunk in college. It… kind of worked.

    Another interesting trick is laying the vocals-only of “Dont Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)” over Fennesz’ near-unrecognizable cover. It was an old mix-tape trick of mine from back in 2001 or so…

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