“Democrats nominate and vote for politicians while Republicans nominate and vote for leaders.”

Everything that’s wrong with blind partisanship is neatly encapsulated in this dumb-ass editorial from yesterday’s Culpeper Star-Exponent:

What is the main difference between Democrats and Republicans? It’s simple: Democrats nominate and vote for politicians while Republicans nominate and vote for leaders.

This was proven once again on May 30 at our Republican state convention in Richmond. We voted for leadership in our nominees for governor (Bob McDonnell), lieutenant governor (Bill Bolling) and attorney general (Ken Cuccinelli).

We need leaders who will grasp Old Glory in one hand, the Republican banner in the other and all they represent, say a prayer to the Lord and then march into battle with their heads held high. This is what the people demand of their leadership — not politicians who waver in the face of adversity or change their beliefs for the sake of personal gain, but rather who stand their ground to protect our rights and freedoms.

Democrats believe they can buy their way into any public office. They will use any tactic to sway public perception on any issue. This is politics, which is their only agenda. They proudly cling to the “audacity of hope” as their propaganda message.

That’s fine. Let them cling to hope while we as Republicans show them the integrity of our actions. Let the Democrats continue to hope while the Republicans continue to lead.

You could exchange every mention of “Democrat” and “Republican” and it would be just as asinine. This black-and-white, jingoistic view of the world is what leads gangs into bloody turf battles, religious groups into murders, and countries into wars. Excessive nationalism is a scary thing, but it’s not much less scary in its junior, partisan form. The Star Exponent must have been pretty hard up for op eds to have published this thing.

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5 replies on ““Democrats nominate and vote for politicians while Republicans nominate and vote for leaders.””

  1. This sort of yip-yap is exactly what happens when a political party has invalid leadership, and no common vision – newspaper editors and media shills start making it up. Just like Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, and Gingrich will never lead the Republican Party back from the wilderness, neither will the editor of the Culpeper Star. The problem is that the Republican base has really gotten hooked on these political entertainers and have no appreciation for the hard gritty work of governance.

  2. Totally agree, Waldo (from the other side of the political spectrum). What makes McDonnell, et al “leaders,” but Deeds, et al just “politicians?” Just stupid.

    Also, is there a way to just have some sort of log in, so that I don’t have to type out the anti-spam thing every time? Multiple occasions I have typed out a comment, forgotten to add the party, and been rejected, only to hit “Back” and have my comments gobbled into the ether.

    BTW, congrats to Deeds! Turned out to be not much of a fight. ;-)

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