Conservative radio host surrenders after six seconds of waterboarding.

Professional asshole/radio host “Mancow” had himself waterboarded to prove that it’s not torture. He made it six seconds.

It only required three quarters of a gallon for him to surrender. He said that it pained him to say it, but that it’s “absolutely torture,” and that he wouldn’t have done it if he’d known how awful it would be.

It’s been one month since Sean Hannity said he’d be waterboarded “for the troops’ families,” and he hasn’t been willing to talk about it since. Today Jesse Ventura upped the ante: he’s bet Hannity a thousand bucks that he can get Hannity to say “Barack Obama is the greatest president” by waterboarding him. I’ll give “Mancow” this—the guy put his money where his mouth is, unlike the spineless Hannity.

(Via Darren Hoyt)

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11 replies on “Conservative radio host surrenders after six seconds of waterboarding.”

  1. Ha! I knew there was something I liked about Jesse Ventura (I just couldn’t for the life of me recall what it was.) That’s a pretty priceless comment.

    Also; who the hell is the guy who they brought in to do the waterboarding in that video? More than a little bizarre.

  2. Viva Nancy Pelosi.

    I join everyone in hoping it doesn’t happen, but, eventually, the U.S. will be hit by terrorists again and the doves of pre-9/11 who became the hawks of post-9/11 who drifted back to being doves will once again be hawks.

    At least Cheney is consistent.

  3. After Waterboard, Mancow Submits to 9/11-Style Attack
    by Scott Ott for ScrappleFace

    (2009-05-23) — After submitting himself to waterboarding, then calling it ‘absolutely torture’, WLS talkradio host Erich ‘Mancow’ Muller announced that next week on his show he’ll stand by a shattered window in a burning office tower and decide whether to jump or to perish in the flames.

    More >

  4. Marine Corps Sgt. Clay South should take this show on the road so that every Bush/Cheney apologist can experience waterboarding. Announce a tour schedule and have every local Republican Committee Chairman publicly declare whether they believe that 1) Waterboarding is torture, and 2)torture is a crime. A “no” to either or both questions receives a challenge to experience waterboarding. A refusal to be waterboarded gets your name added to the List and a donation to Sgt. South’s Veterans of Valor. Knowing that most apologists are really fear-controlled cowards, the fundraising strategy should assume a cowards response.

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