Jeff Frederick isn’t running for RPV chair, but maybe HoD.

Jeff Frederick’s decision not to re-run for the chairmanship of the RPV is a damned shame. That guy was Democrats’ ace in the hole. Granted, the party’s record of a new chair every year is encouraging—I’ve got every confidence that they’ll find a way to screw things up with the next chair—but we’ve got such a good thing going that I’d rather not gamble on the next guy knowing what he’s doing and on the party following his leadership. But the good news is that this frees up Frederick to run for reelection to his House of Delegates seat, which means I could still win my $100 bet with Shaun Kenney. Frederick writes in his swan song that he’s “happy to be taking a break from public and partisan office,” which seems like a bad sign for me, but he adds that “rest assured, God willing, it won’t be a long sabbatical,” so things might be looking up.

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  1. The people in Frederick’s district could re-elect him just for the comedy value, or because they like a ‘fighter’.

    The problem, of course, is that he is an unarmed fighter, and would be treated like a pariah in the HoD.

    We at least have more unannounced rants on Darwin to look forward to.

  2. Its a damn shame for someone with a decent amount of intelligence to take so much pride and pleasure in the events and actions of a party they don’t even belong to.

    I don’t mean to specficially call you out. But for the life of me I don’t understand how seemingly decent people can be so immature when it comes to politics. I always thought that the ads from the RNC and DNC never actually worked because they were so far over the top but the more I think about it I guess they do work for their intended small audience.

    I guess thats why I will never be an actual political phoobah and will never feel entirely at home in either political camp.

  3. Its a damn shame for someone with a decent amount of intelligence to take so much pride and pleasure in the events and actions of a party they don’t even belong to.

    I’ve been singing this one-note song for six years—if you’re not a fan, you’re probably reading the wrong blog. :) But, to your point, the fact that I’m not a member hardly seems to matter. In the world of politics, what matters are parties. In the United States, there are two that matter. I’m not about to ignore one of them—the interesting one, to my mind—just because I’m not a member of it.

    Besides, I’ve got $100 riding on the outcome of this.

  4. Do you know much about the newly elected RPV Chair? I had never heard of him, but he seems to be relatively local (Louisa Co.) but the news article I read out of the DP seemed to give him a good review. Just curious…

  5. Boxer4h, Pat Mullins is fairly well-known and certainly well-regarded, and formerly was the Fairfax County Chairman in the early and mid 90s. I assume that he became active in Louisa County after his retirement and move there, but I haven’t seen him in more than ten years.

  6. Thanks for that information, James. I don’t actually know anything about Pat Mullins, at least other than what I’ve read in news articles about the leadership change (which isn’t much).

  7. Ol’ Pat Mullins wasn’t elected unless you mean in the Theocratic, papacy sense. He was appointed and he will be challenged by one of the Frederickistas at the Republican Party Circus later this month. Grab some boiled peanuts and a beer…

  8. Not really related: it occurred to me today that we might have lost Jeff Frederick, but we gained Michael Steele. That’s a trade I can live with.

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