The Bristol Herald Courier has endorsed Deeds.

The Bristol Herald Courier has endorsed Sen. Creigh Deeds for the Democratic nomination for governor:

Deeds is a strong candidate to face McDonnell and the only candidate seeking the Democratic nomination who previously has run for statewide office.

Deeds acknowledged that McAuliffe has garnered a lot of attention and that Deeds is much less flashy. Still, Deeds believes many primary voters will turn to him. “Everyone wants to go out with the new guy in town, but you marry the guy from next door,” he said.

Deeds chuckled over having once been told that his worst trait is being too self-effacing and earnest. “Being nice is not a negative and I can be tough when I need to. Over many years, I have proven I can get things done,” he told our editorial board… “I’ve always been underestimated, but precisely who I am is why I am best suited to be the next governor.”

He sold us.

Bristol might be 200 miles away from Deeds’ home of Bath County, but it’s 400 miles from upstate Virginia. These things matter.

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4 replies on “The Bristol Herald Courier has endorsed Deeds.”

  1. Hmm… a seemingly unstoppable frontrunner who has a challenger surging and is looking to run out the clock before that challenger catches up.

    Sounds like Mr. McAuliffe has quite the track record building in that regard.

  2. Hey Sparkles! Your e-mail form doesn’t seem to work (just bounces back saying the address had “permanent fatal errors”)…might wanna see about fixing that. Anywho, I don’t like to blog about people behind their backs so, just so you know…

    Feel free to come on over and post a rebuttal if you like. Keep in mind of course I’m not like your little friend Joe (nor you I imagine) and as such I don’t restrict nor censor anyone’s comments, even if they openly bad mouth me. ^__^

  3. Let’s face the fact that the winner of the Democratic primary in Virginia is going to be determined by the African-American vote if its votes are in the form of a bloc (70%+ for one candidate). While all I hear are anecdotes, it seems as if McAuliffe is a lot more organized in that community than either Deeds or Moran. I know an individual who is pretty plugged in in Petersburg who believes McAuliffe will take the City with 60+% of the vote. From my recent visit to Petersburg, the campaign paraphanalia is mostly McAuliffe, though we all know signs mean next to nothing. If these anecdotes hold true, then McAuliffe will be the nominee.

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