Do Senate Republicans help or hurt Frederick?

I have to wonder whether the Senate Republican Caucus leaders calling for the defeat of Jeff Frederick helps or hurts him. The sort of people inclined to support Frederick as RPV chairman are the folks far enough to the right that they think Senate Republicans are just Democrats. My guess is that it’s going to move a few more people to from the “keep him” to the “spare us his further embarrassment” column, but I’m speaking beyond my knowledge in saying that. This is definitely an insider’s game at this point, and not being a Republican, I’m not in a position to be doing the head-counting that’s required to forecast Frederick’s fate.

If Frederick survives this, the RPV’s relationship with senate Republicans is going to be awkward. It’s getting tough to see how the party can move forward with Frederick as chair.

For the record, I am all about Frederick keeping his seat. That’s the guy I want as the captain of the opposing team going into November. If there’s a victory fund I can give to, I’m good for $50.

Published by Waldo Jaquith

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