“Put On Your Water Wings, the GOP Tide is Coming!”

The RT-D, whose editorial page is a long-standing friend of Republicans, calls out Jeff Frederick today:

Jeff Frederick seems eminently qualified to serve as chairman of the Republican Club at Sean Hannity Middle School. The delegate from Prince William serves as chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia instead. There’s the rub.

It goes on. And it gets worse.

Contrasting sharply with the overwhelmingly bad news for the RPV is their weekly newsletters. There’s not a word about this, the biggest story in Virginia politics right now. In today’s installment they’ve got Grover Norquist (remember him?) attacking President Obama, bold predictions for global domination based on some Republican winning a board of supervisors election (Woo. Hoo.), criticizing Obama for writing his speeches in advance, and an exhortion to “Put On Your Water Wings, the GOP Tide is Coming!”

The RPV is occupying some parallel universe in which everything is A-OK. They’re winning elections, they’re on the way up, they’re a party unified, everything is great. Five years ago, I definitely got that they were just putting on their game face. Now they’re just straight-up in denial.

The only claim that rings true is that a Republican tide of victory is rising to the level that they must don toddlers’ swim toys, clearly labelled as “NOT A LIFESAVING DEVICE.” That’s about right.

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2 replies on ““Put On Your Water Wings, the GOP Tide is Coming!””

  1. I was thinking the same thing about the “water wings” line — there’s a tide coming, and your best idea is to put on a toy for kids? What, you know your boat is a lost cause, and you can’t even swim?

    Can’t argue with that. They do seem to have a knack for unintentionally accurate metaphors for the state of the RPV.

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