Left of Center: Reforming Virginia elections.

February’s Left of Center meeting is tomorrow (Tuesday) night at Rapture, 7:00 PM:

After last year’s historic voter participation, what is being done to ensure that every vote is counted and make voting more accessible to everyone, particularly students and people convicted of felonies? Amongst the many pieces of legislation that are being considered during the 2009 session of the Virginia General Assembly are several aimed at electoral reform, including a bill to make the redistricting process bipartisan. But now that Democrats control the state senate and the upcoming redistricting process, are they still in support of this reform? With only 46 days in the legislative session, we need to make our voices heard now in support of these critical electoral reforms.

The featured speaker will be Joe Szakos, Executive Director of the Virginia Organizing Project, a member of the Verifiable Voting Coalition of Virginia.

Come on out, have a drink or two with friends, and learn about efforts to improve on democracy in Virginia.

Published by Waldo Jaquith

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