It’s all X to me.

In English, when we want to describe something as incomprehensible, we might say “it’s all Greek to me.” From the always-excellent Strange Maps comes a diagram of what language people use in place of “Greek” depending in their native tongue. Romanians say “it’s all Turkish to me,” while Turks say “it’s all French to me,” who say “it’s all Hebrew to me,” who say “it’s all “it’s all Chinese to me,” who say “it’s all Heavenly Script to me.” The Greeks only come in second; most of the world is seemingly baffled by Chinese, though I suspect that owes more to centuries of Silk Road trade than anything else.

While you’re on Strange Maps, check out their 1861 map of West Virginia, when it was known as “Kanawha.”

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6 replies on “It’s all X to me.”

  1. very very cool. Waldo thanks so much for pointing out this strange maps site. amazing.

    And Andrew, thank you for the link to the LOC site.

    I am working on a Civil War project and I was just down at the Atlanta Historic Center’s Kenan Research Center pouring over old maps.

    loves it.

    Do you guys know about David Rumsey? His site is amazing as well:

    He is insane and he has put all his maps in Second Life

  2. Awesome, Jon. Emily’s the best – please pass along my hellos… :)

    That David Rumsey site is amazing. I have a great interest in map imagery as backgrounds for art projects.

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