“Nevermind that unitary executive thing.”

John Bolton and John Yoo aren’t so sure about this unitary executive thing, now that Barack Obama is going to be president. Let’s see who gets themselves twisted up more: Democrats who come to embrace the Bush/Yoo philosophy of President as King, or Republicans who suddenly don’t think it’s such a hot idea. My bet is on the latter. I think it’s a stupid an idea as ever, but I can’t help but relish the idea of sticking by it for six months or so; what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

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5 replies on ““Nevermind that unitary executive thing.””

  1. Of course Obama and his party and people will defend the perogatives of the Pres. now that they have it.

  2. Will, I’d be very surprised to see that defense of perogative under Obama be anywhere close to as efficient and uniform as it was under Bush.

    Ever seen a mass of Democrats try to march in ranks up and down the square for any length of time? Gets to looking like a Monty Python skit pretty quickly sometimes. Mind you, I consider that a good thing (despite my military-academy background) :)~

    (Cadence: “Left left left left…what the hell comes after left?”)

  3. From Hunter’s latest over at dKos, treating the piece with the respect it deserves:

    I am absolutely certain that seeing the foreign policy stylings of Bolton and Yoo objecting to unencumbered presidential power is goddamn comedy gold of the highest caliber, but therein lies the problem. It has passed the event horizon: there is no accurate way to describe its level of self-satire. Would it be like a vampire owning a blood bank, or a chicken owning a poultry processing plant? Is it larger than a breadbox? If you light a match to it, does it smell like a cinnamon-sprinkled tire fire?

  4. Wasn’t Yoo the hack that wrote the legal justification for torture? He needs to go down. Hard. Wasn’t Bolton the mustache who made a mess of our international relations at the UN? Who cares what he thinks? He’s irrelevant.

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