Del. Scott may get primaried.

Del. Ed Scott may be primaried by a flat-earther, Brian McNeill writes in the Daily Progress. For those not familiar with Del. Scott, check out his Richmond Sunlight page. This business is a big part of why I feel so good about Democrats’ odds of taking the House of Delegates come November. It’s the like Titanic is going down, and the crew is arguing over whether they should be pointed magnetic north or true north.

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4 replies on “Del. Scott may get primaried.”

  1. “Taking on an incumbent Republican is not out of character for Underwood. Last year, Underwood unseated John Coates, also a Republican, for the Salem District seat on the Culpeper County Board of Supervisors. Coates is now chairman of the county’s Republican Party.”

    That’s delightful. This guy’s tearing down local Republicans one at a time. Where can I send him money?

  2. Well, true and magnetic north do differ by about 20 degrees at the location where the Titanic went down! :)~

  3. Sam, what that doesn’t tell you is that Coates lost the Republican nomination to Underwood and then ran for the BoS seat as an independent, losing that race as well, then going back to become chariman of the party who’s candidate he ran against.

    Culpepper voters elected Underwood over a Democrat and another “Republican”. If that’s a sign of the mood in Culpepper, he may have a shot against Scott if he represents what folks want.

  4. Did the flat-earth reference get removed from the original article, or is it an inside joke I’m not privvy to?

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