Tom Perriello needs your help for the recount.

Tom Perriello’s campaign needs money for their recount—he needs attorneys, staff to handle the process, and he’s got to keep his office running and core staff paid. After all, he’s only Congressman-elect Perriello at this point. I just sent $25—not much, but it’s what I can do. I hope other Perriello supporters will continue doing likewise.

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2 replies on “Tom Perriello needs your help for the recount.”

  1. I emailed Tom and Jessica today to see if they would like me to organize a recanvass fundraiser at a local bar. I’m sure a lot of people will be doing this in bars and living rooms around town. Tom wouldn’t even have to come, but it would be great fun if he did!

    I sent him a check today too. I gave “everything I could” during the campaign proper, but I can forgo a dinner and drinks and send the man $25. I can probably do it again in a few weeks, too. If we all put together what we can when we can, it really will add up. Thanks for posting!

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