The RPV’s newsletter takes a turn for the worse.

The RPV newsletter has generally been pretty even for the past few years—they hate Kaine, Warner, etc., and that’s basically been the theme of every installment for as many years as I’ve been reading it. But it’s really gone to hell under Jeff Frederick, becoming angrier and unhinged with each new e-mail. But this week’s installment is really far removed from reality, enough so that it’s worth highlighting a few of the strangest bits:

[E]xcitement was on clear display last week at a rally in Fairfax City with Senator John McCain, Governor Sarah Palin, and former Senator Fred Thompson. Over 25,000 people showed up, making it the largest turnout of any non-convention presidential rally nationwide this year (Obama’s largest rally attracted about 10,000).

There are two key facts here, and neither is correct. Though the McCain-Palin campaign initially claimed 25,000 attendees at the Fairfax rally, the number turned out to be 15,000—still fifty times bigger than the crowds that generally greeted McCain prior to Palin joining the ticket, but a far cry from the number that the RPV is claiming. And one need not look far to find Obama rallies with audiences exceeding 10,000. There were 30,000 attendees in Columbia in December, 35,000 people showed up in Philadelphia in April, and 75,000 people in Oregon in May. And those were just the first three numbers that I turned up in Google.

One unconfirmed report had [Biden] eating alone at a diner, hoping that someone would recognize him. After a while, a woman stopped and asked, “say, aren’t you Joe Biden, the man running against Sarah Palin for Vice President?”

Biden smiled, puffed out his chest a little, and said, “Why yes I am. How can I help you?” The woman responded, “Wow, how exciting. Could you please get me her autograph?”

Really? They’re taking a decades-old joke, plugging in Biden’s name, calling it “one unconfirmed report,” and passing it off as news? This lies somewhere between sad and pathetic.

In the “try not to laugh” department, it has been reported that the mother of Britney Spears is due to write a book on parenting.

Pot. Kettle. Palin.

Imagine that your church is “carefully selected” by the Govenor [sic] for him to come and worship with you. An honor, right? Indeed. But what happens when the advance team for Kaine calls from Chicago?

Well, it appears that Governor Kaine’s office is calling around to various churches in Virginia and not telling them that he wants to come and sing Obama’s praises during your worship!

We’re not making this stuff up!

What’s the RPV’s source for this claim? An e-mail forward that’s had its authorship carefully clipped off. Again, this lies somewhere between sad and pathetic. It’s the “we’re not making this stuff up” suffix that really drives that pathos home, since they are making this stuff up.

This Mickey Mouse operation is precisely why I was rooting for Jeff Frederick for RPV chair. It’s all working out so nicely.

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4 replies on “The RPV’s newsletter takes a turn for the worse.”

  1. Actually, the line in the linked article, “The Fairfax City fire marshal this afternoon estimated the crowd at 15,000,” is actually a lie, too. The fire marshal denies having given them an estimate, and on several other occasions, the McCain campaign has made phony citations of authority (such as the Secret Service) to make their inflated crowd estimates seem more credible. A Washington Post reporter on the scene estimated the crowd at about 8,000.

    I believe Obama’s largest rally to date in Virginia was 10,000 (at Nissan Pavilion in June.) The fact that they could have made that legitimate bragging point and instead exaggerated it into “the biggest nationwide” does indeed illustrate what a Mickey Mouse operation the RPV has become.

    I guess someone must have sent it to them in an email forward… ;-)

  2. George Allen is on The Today Show right now and he just said there were 23,000 people at that Fairfax County McCain rally.

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