I’m fighting mightily against using the phrase “flip-flop.”

What can you say about somebody who says one thing in Philadelphia but another thing in Fairfax?

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7 replies on “I’m fighting mightily against using the phrase “flip-flop.””

  1. OH NO SAY IT AIN’T–oh. Oh thank God. I opened the article and the first six words I saw were “Sen. John McCain retracted Sarah Palin.” Oh noes! I thought. What will we do without her buffoonery? McCain might still have time to pick a qualified running made who can speak about complicated issues in complete sentences.

    But no, he’s only retracted everything that she thinks about everything. The Great Mistake continues.

  2. Sam: Please. Caribou Barbie is here to stay. Besides, it’s easy to get distracted up here in Philly, when Tony’s shoving a cheesesteak in your face, and then some annoying Temple grad student (don’t you just *hate* Temple grad students?) is keeping you from that and being all annoying with, like, actual questions about what countries you’re supposed to be not invading, so that you can bail out Freddie and Fannie, because otherwise, people won’t be able to get health care, and the campaign firmly believes that Fannie should have the right to choose LIFE, because otherwise, it’s totally just like that goofy evolution museum, which, unlike Russia, I cannot, thank God, see from my house, no matter how much lipstick I put on, where they had dinosaurs and stuff, which, by the way, were actually killed by gay marriage, so I might miss Putin rearing his head, and, so then we can’t spread democracy with a big helpin’ of freedom on the side plus free lipstick and pitbulls named barracuda to all Muslim hockey moms, who are just like us, but hate America, which is why we totally have to invade Wall Street, via Main Street, to save Freddie and Fannie who will greet us as liberators, with—wait, where was I? Can I call a lifeline?

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