Come see Del. Bob Brink in C’ville Tuesday night.

We’ve put together a pretty great Left of Center forum for Tuesday night, with the topic of transportation. Del. Bob Brink is driving clear to C’ville to talk about what just happened—or, rather, didn’t—in the special transportation session. Bob is both refreshingly frank and bitingly funny, so I’m really looking forward to his remarks. And on the local front we’ve got Zachary Shahan, the executive director of the Alliance for Community Choice in Transportation, who will be talking about some of the developments in local transit, and the promise of what’s coming. If you are ever in the habit of moving from one place to another, you’ll probably enjoy this.

Nota bene: We’ve moved. We’re now meeting at Rapture, on the Downtown Mall. Maya was a brilliant host, and we’re mighty grateful to them for letting us hold our meetings there for the past year.

Rapture, Tuesday night, 5:30-7:00. Come for the drinks and food, stay for the good company and the political chat.

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  1. Bob is a great guy and really does know what he’s talking about when it comes to transportation. He also reminds me of a professor who everybody loves because he’s both entertaining and educational.

  2. The following day, August 6th, at 7pm, the Charlottesville Albemarle Regional Transportation committee will meet at 401 E. Water Street.

    THE FIRST PORTION OF THE MEETING IS OPEN TO PUBLIC COMMENT! Come on down and speak to the committee about what you’d like to see for Charlottesville’s transportation future.

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