FBI admits to spying on reporters.

The FBI has admitted to spying on journalists from The New York Times and The Washington Post. They say it was part of a terrorism investigation, but are unable to explain what the case was or what the reporters had to do with it. Spying on reporters is a Very Big Deal, and requires clearly a pretty high bar (including getting approval from the deputy attorney general), but the FBI didn’t bother.

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2 replies on “FBI admits to spying on reporters.”

  1. We live in an era where the citizens’ apathy has begun to return to haunt us. Police agencies will do whatever the People allow them to get away with.

    The lessons of history show that the most egregious human rights abuses are made under the color of, “…just carrying out orders” by various members of military or government security units.

    The citizens must rise up and drag those who abuse our LIBERTY from office and replace them with new leadership who will restore our Constitutional Republic.

    Start the process by asking each candidate for office what laws they plan to repeal and what steps they intend to take to ENHANCE our LIBERTY. Only support candidates who are dedicated to reigning in the power that government now wields over us.

    Our forefathers provided for us the ability to have bloodless revolution using the ballot in lieu of the bullet. We must awaken our fellow citizens to the power that the People have when we mobilize and vote.

    Every incumbent must go. THROW THE BUMS OUT!

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