My Virginia belt.

Lady Bird ate my belt just a few weeks after she came to live with us. By “my belt,” I mean my one and only belt. I wore it every day since I don’t know when. Certainly since eighth grade. It was just a strip of brown leather with a silver nickel buckle—simplicity itself. Years of running it counterclockwise around my waist had given it a strong curve. It fit me perfectly. I never once had to wonder what to wear to hold up my pants, I never really thought about it at all. I took my belt, it must be said, for granted. It was a little horrifying to see it in Lady Bird’s mouth, chewed near in half.

I had to buy a new belt. This will be easy, I though. After all, I just wanted a strip of leather and a nickel buckle. How hard could it be? Let me tell you, few such belts exist. I checked the department stories, the discount stores, the usual online locations, a dozen crappy Yahoo stores, even the *marts…nothing. They all had stupid buckles, patterns on the leather, some kind of stitching, bevelled edges, or some such goofiness. Now, I never even found a candidate—nothing close—so this was moot, but I also wanted one made in America, as I prefer all of my clothes to be.

When I was all set to give up hope, I started clicking on Google ads, something I’ve never done. That’s how I discovered Fox Creek Leather.

BeltFox Creek Leather sells just four belts, and all of them are the very picture of simplicity. (Understand, in my world, selling just four belts is awesome. They figured out the right way to make a belt, and left it at that.) Their nickel buckle dark brown belt was precisely what I wanted. When I saw the “Made in the USA” logo on the web page I was sold. But just to make sure, I figured I’d read up on the company. Lo and behold, it’s a family-owned business, right here in Virginia, in the town of Independence, in the beautiful Grayson County. I didn’t hesitate to order.

This year and a half later, I think I can now admit to myself that this belt is a lot nicer than my old one. If this is any indicator, Fox Creek makes some damned fine gear. I think a pair of their chaps is in my future, and I expect my next wallet will be one of theirs. In the age of NAFTA, I’m proud that we’ve got a company like Fox Creek here in Virginia, turning out products of a quality that Mexico, China, and Bangladesh just aren’t up to.

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  1. On the topic of putting on 30 lbs of muscle, I believe it’s been a while since we heard about your New Year’s Resolution. How’s the exercise going?

  2. Independence is a nice little town. The old courthouse is a very cool building, and unlike any other in Virginia (I can say this because I’ve been to all of them), and it’s now a museum about Grayson county. If you’re into that kind of thing, definitely check it out.

    Thanks for the tip on Fox Creek Leather. I look forward to stopping in their store the next time I’m in that area. Gotta get me a couple of those belts.

  3. Oh, c’mon

    turning out products of a quality that Wal-mart imports from Mexico, China, and Bangladesh just aren’t up to.

    Fixed it for you.

  4. It is remarkable how far up the fashion pyramid one has to typically go before they hit minimalist fashion nowadays. I’m so glad you linked to this site, because I was actually looking to purchase two new black and brown belts, and didn’t feel like shelling out 50+ dollars to get a belt without all of those new features.

  5. When did you start riding?

    Back in 2001, though I haven’t for a few years now—the wife’s not too fond of motorcycles.

    Wish I’d known, I’d have gotten you a Texas belt & buckle like the one I got in Austin recently. It’s unintentionally hilarious.

    I’ve got an unintentionally hilarious Virginia one, that’s bad for all of the same reasons as that Texas one. It’s even got the Virginia seal, which is why I keep meaning to wear it around the Secretary of the Commonwealth. :)

    On the topic of putting on 30 lbs of muscle, I believe it’s been a while since we heard about your New Year’s Resolution. How’s the exercise going?

    I’ve been slowing writing a blog entry on the topic, which I started a couple of weeks ago, back at the six month mark. In a nutshell, I’m really happy with the results. They’re realistically very good. I’m not cut or anything, but I’ve been converting fat to muscle, increased my endurance, definitely increased my strength, and I intend to keep it up.

  6. You, sir, have just sold a whole family some belts (she types as her pants slide a bit south due to some recent weight loss). We’re definitely in need around these parts and have done the C’ville and online belt tour to no avail. Thanks for the tip — women’s belts, too!

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