Deeds’ upstate endorsements.

Sen. Creigh Deeds is, as the Post‘s Anita Kumar puts it, “pick[ing] up endorsements in [Brian] Moran’s backyard.” At an event up in Fairfax last night he was endorsed by Sen. Chap Petersen, Prince William commonwealth’s attorney Paul Ebert, Fairfax commonwealth’s attorney Ray Morrogh, former Fairfax commonwealth’s attorney Bob Horan and the AFL-CIO’s Fairfax Coalition of Police and the Fairfax Deputy Sheriff’s Coalition. I don’t know much anything about upstate politics, but I’m certainly pleased and surprised to hear that my senator is getting such strong support in Del. Moran’s neck of the woods.

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One reply on “Deeds’ upstate endorsements.”

  1. Is it too much to ask the Deeds and Moran folks to STOP with the incessant politicking for a race that remains over a year away?

    Honestly, I am focused on one statewide race, and one race only, in 2008, and it has nothing to do with the Governor’s position. Obama is the only questionable one, and if the Deeds and/or Moran campaigns wanted to impress me or make me more likely to support them next year they’d engage me more on how they can support the effort THIS YEAR, instead of pressuring me at every step of the way to make a commitment of support now.

    I like both of them very much, but I am getting really aggravated by the blatant campaigning for 2009 happening now in 2008, before we are even GEARED UP for the ground game this year! It’s ridiculous and obnoxious.

    I applaud both campaigns for being pro-active, and think they need to be out raising funds and networking, but if I keep running into blatant competing ’09 appeals at events and such I think I’ll not be getting too involved at all next year unless it’s someone who understood well enough to defer to the races in 2008 (maybe Steve Shannon or John Bowerbank–who really seems to understand the proper way to raise his visibility for ’09 in ’08!).

    Sorry for the rant, just tired of this already.

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