White House refuses to open EPA e-mail.

Remember last year’s SCOTUS ruling that the EPA had to figure out if CO2 was a danger to human health? Well, the EPA complied with that, as they were obliged to, and in December they issued a report to the White House ruling that, yes, greenhouse gases are pollutants, and as such they’ve got to be regulated. But the White House never received that report and, as a result, they say that they don’t have to comply with it. Why didn’t the White House receive the report? Because they refuse to open the e-mail. You just can’t make this stuff up. The White House says that if they don’t open the e-mail, it doesn’t count. The EPA has hacked out big chunks of that report—the parts that recommended, y’know, doing stuff—in order to get the White House to agree to open the e-mail.

A decade ago this would have been the stuff of farce. And a decade from now this will all just be a bad memory. But right now, thanks to the boiling-frog effect, somehow it’s just not shocking that we have a president that is employing the logic of a toddler.

If we pretend that there are no greenhouse gases, will they still harm us?

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  1. What is stunning is that we have allowed these clowns to operate in this manner…or at least our elected reps have. Where are the elected officials who are willing to stand up and loose everything if necessary to stop these fools? Jefferson and crew back in the day risked death as traitors to britian by putting this country together. I cant name one politician today who i think would literally put their neck in a noose to stop this ‘belligerent hillbilly’ style of governing. Not one.

    ** – the author wishes to thank Bubby for the use of ‘belligerant hillbilly’

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