On the merits of sales tax holidays.

Norm Leahy advances the theory that sales tax holidays are a goofy and ineffective gimmick. Jim Bacon figures that the hurricane supplies one is the best example of that. Most of these things appear to be brochure bills, a way for conservatives to tout their successes to the base, but without actually reducing state revenues, since they’re so ineffective. Half of me says that this is the sort of showboating that the Democratic party could do without. The other half says that it’s stunts like this that keep incumbents in office, so why not?

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One reply on “On the merits of sales tax holidays.”

  1. Speaker Howell is a piker, he copied this Bread and Circuses diversion from another corrupt political enterprise – the Roman Empire. Meanwhile, if there is a real hurricane in Tidewater, god help those folks trying to exit west – they don’t have the highway capacity.

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