Virginia political events calendar.

Lobbyists David Bailey and Associates provide this fantastic calendar of political events throughout Virginia. I really had no idea that there were so many political events every month.

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5 replies on “Virginia political events calendar.”

  1. Just a word to the wise: Many of those events are lobbyist fundraisers. Some are regular meet and greets.

    If you’re a regular grassroots Joe or Jane, I’d advise you stay away from the Richmond events and stick to the home crowd stuff. The meet and greet stuff is way more fun.

  2. I guess I have a broader definition of “political events” than opportunities to buy access.

    It would be interesting to mash this calendar with VPAP data to start figuring out who attends these events and who lawmakers have met with. Wonder if the lobbyists would like that much transparency.

  3. Yep. And watch how quickly that calendar would disappear :)

    (There was a journalist on CSPAN who did something like that (at the Federal level) a few months ago, and right after he published his story, the calendar he used (which had been publicly available for years) was shut down.)

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