“End women’s suffrage now!”

Hampshire College students are demanding their school become actively anti-racist, and have made 17 specific demands of their school. My favorite? Segregated student housing. FAIL.

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2 replies on ““End women’s suffrage now!””

  1. I spent a year at Hampshire. This kind of crap was a major part of why I left. It was constant. By the time I transferred to VCU I was ready to kick them in their soft, whiny teeth. If this was what lefist politics was really like, I would be a Republican. Fortunately this type of nutcase is to the Democratic Party what neo-Nazis are to the GOP. So extreme that they are basically off the mainstream political map altogether.

    These people, frankly, just want to feel important. They out there fighting ‘the man’ and just want to feel like they are struggling for something. SO they make up a bunch of BS and whine and complain and throw their tantrums.

    What they want is attention. Don’t give it to them.

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