“I hope your sword is as quick as my x-ray machine.”

Two years ago, after Del. Jack Reid accidentally discharged his handgun in his General Assembly office, I asked what the point was of the building’s security, since any fool is allowed to stroll packing heat. Now we know: to keep out swords. (Via RK)

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3 replies on ““I hope your sword is as quick as my x-ray machine.””

  1. In all seriousness, the best reason for this would be the matter of training and certification. In order to get a concealed weapon permit in VA, you have to take an approved course in the safe handling of handguns. There are no such classes for sword handling and there are no accepted standards for such a class even if someone was going to offer it.

    This means that while the gentleman in question can be assumed to know how to safely handle a pistol on the basis of his CWP, the GA security staff could not logically make that assumption about his ability to responsibly wield a sword.

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