Others’ thoughts on how to retain the majority.

The response to my dashed-off thoughts on the impending collision between Democratic ideals has been enjoyable to follow. Both Lowell Feld and J.C. Wilmore have written thoughtful responses, although I think both have inferred more than I wrote or meant to imply. Lloyd Snook provides a better response to those than I can, making the important points that a) this is in no way an anti-Moran argument and b) this isn’t so much a northern VA vs. everywhere else dichotomy as a liberal enclave vs. rural Virginia dichotomy, among others that I’m not smart enough to think of my on own. This is a discussion that ought carry on for the next couple of years if Democrats are to avoid falling into the same trap of overconfidence that Republicans have.

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  1. I will also be writing about the rural experience for Democrats. Now that I will no longer be a chair, I feel it is time to say a few things about the way I see the rural ~vs~ urban operations for elections and candidates. The larger portion of the work in rural Virginia has yet to be begun in earnest.

    Good writing and responses by all concerned.

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