Vick will plead guilty.

ESPN: Michael Vick will plead guilty to federal dogfighting charges and quite likely serve prison time. Michael and Marcus Vick — two peas in a pod. Perhaps they can help researchers find the assclown gene.

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  1. Sorenson is right on, as usual. And here I was, thinking the way to achieve moral objectives was to frame the issue economically (like the New Jersey capital punishment decision). Who knew the whole time the answer was puppies!

  2. There are things worth throwing fame and fortune away for – or at least things that most people can understand. Edward VII abdicated for love; many artists and thinkers, Bobby Fischer and J.D. Salinger come to mind, have eschewed the spotlight for quirky, personal reasons; and, of course, even more have burned out too early due to the seductions of booze, drugs, and life in the fast lane.

    But dogfighting? Frickin’ dogfighting? Are you kidding me? What an incomprehensible waste.

  3. This situation has got to be the most outrageous instance of someone throwing their fame and money away.

    Aside from that, it is disgusting to learn what the particulars are of the allegations. Torture, killing dogs, fights to the death. Why?

    I guess because they thought they could.

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