Democrat challenging Sen. Ruff.

Republican Sen. Frank Ruff has a challenger, Bob Gibson writes in the Daily Progress. The Democratic mayor of Clarksville, Robert Wilkerson, is running against Ruff to represent the Fluvanna-to-North Carolina district. (See a map, as a 772k PDF.) Senator Ruff, to his great credit, recognizes the value to having an opponent, saying that “it keeps you sharp…you go out and you make the extra effort.”

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4 replies on “Democrat challenging Sen. Ruff.”

  1. Here’s my front page article at Democratic Central this past week:

    Bob Wilkerson

    I am on the 15th District Committee, and we are very proud to have Bob running for this seat. In my article above I outline a few reasons why.

  2. Bob Gibson left out several counties in that article that are in the 59th Delegate District.

    Cumberland, Appomattox, two precincts in Prince Edward. We are out here in the east of the district, but we do exist. I am hoping to not get written off this year by any of the campaigns, as has happened in the past.

  3. Yeah, I might have to bitch and moan for a second before going on with my life, since you are so lame. ;)

    Seriously, I know you have a few things going on. I am surprised there is an article up there at all. I wanted to get something up right away, but the 12,358 other things waiting to be done got in my way.

    As for rural areas and Democrats, that is entirely too large a subject to go into, especially during an election season. I look forward to that month and a half off each year. ;)

    Keep up the good work, Waldo.

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