Spotzon lets you find Amazon items with free shipping.

Anoop introduced spotzon, a website that allows you to search for items on that qualify for free shipping. I used it on Sunday night to buy a camera bag for my Digital Rebel, after I couldn’t find that same bag with free shipping while browsing Amazon normally.

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5 replies on “Spotzon lets you find Amazon items with free shipping.”

  1. Quite similar – if a little more sparce – to which is geared towards Amazon Prime eligible items. Very useful though. It is frustrating sometimes to be looking for something on Amazon and not being able to find an entry that qualifies for free shipping only to then find that item, through Amazon with free shipping, via a Google search.

  2. Thanks for the link, Waldo. I find it pretty handy myself, too!

    Noah: I have seen iSearchBetter. I’ve got some ideas that will differentiate Spotzon from them, but right now I just wanted to push something out there so all this feedback will motivate me to spend more time on the project. Definitely bookmark it and keep coming back. Over the course of the summer there will be many more features.

    TrvInMn: The Super Saver shipping adds a day or two to most shipments. However, if you pay $79 for Amazon Prime, you get all-you-can-eat two day shipping and $3.99 overnight shipping (as Janis mentioned). If you order a decent amount of stuff from Amazon, it’s a pretty sweet deal.

  3. anoop: Actually, I’ve already gotten Spotzon search shortcut set up in Opera so I can search directly from the address bar. I’ll definitly be checking back in to see what features you add – I’d like to see how many items were returned and a way to choose the number of items shown on a page for starters.

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