Pew: Religious left rivals religious right.

The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life’s National Survey on Religion and Politics reveals that there are as many members of the religious left as the religious right. The religious right is simply better organized.

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6 replies on “Pew: Religious left rivals religious right.”

  1. By “religious left” do you mean hardcore atheitsts?;)

    Ironic that a confirmed atheist is given credit for organizing the evangelical vote that many believe is responsible for Bush’s win in ’04.

  2. Um, the Right is sinply better organized period, why should religious leftists be any better organized than leftists in general? I say this with love, having grown up a red-diaper baby and being a leftist myself…

  3. Smails,

    While driving past your daily accident, I noticed you passed on comment for the posts about Gonzales and his confusion on a basic tenant of his job, Rove edging closer to busted and more bad climate change news…to settle here and post a drivel encrusted comment about lefty atheists?

    You see, I told you you are a lockstep guy. You have been taught that to scratch the surface will shatter the wafer thin patina of the nose-ring Karl leads you around with.

  4. I stand corrected Smails, and will be big enough to apologize. You did post about Gonzales, and went so far as to say he might have done a better job.

    If you can actually un-nail your feet from the deck of the USS Dubya and get around to calling for his resignation then I will be forced to have a modicum of respect for you.

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