Comet wiped out early man?

New theory: A comet exploded over the northern hemisphere in 11,000 BCE, setting half of the planet on fire, wiping out the large mammals that populated much of the affected area, set back human civilization by centuries, and melted ice fields, which disrupted the Atlantic currents and subjected Europe and Asia to a millennium-long cold spell. This would solve three mysteries (disappearance of early Americans, disappearance of mammoths, and the sudden planetary cooling) in one fell swoop. If this were to happen now, billions of people would die after leading Republicans ardently denied that the so-called “comet” was headed towards earth or even existed, and, even if it did, there’d be nothing humans could do about it anyway because we’re far too weak to do stop it.

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One reply on “Comet wiped out early man?”

  1. You know what is fascinating about this new discovery, is if it turns out to be true, to try to figure out how this affected the evolutionary psychology of the human race.

    Was this event passed down to us as a signal in the folk memory. Is this where different religions obsession with fiery end times began?

    I wonder how many other significant events like this are encoded in mythology?

    They should also be able to track this event in our DNA, being that we are the descendants of the survivors (DNA sequencing is discovering all sorts of amazing things about our evolution) Anyway, if this is true, logic should dictate that we are descended from a much smaller group of individuals than would be expected without considering an apocalyptic event such as this . . .

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