Stupid hijacker tricks.

Some fool tried to hijack a 737, only to be inevitably taken in hand by the passengers. Hijacking isn’t going to work for many years; the rules changed on September 11th. Now we know not to cooperate with hijackers, but to kill them.

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5 replies on “Stupid hijacker tricks.”

  1. BBC reports that the pilots hammered the brakes upon landing, knocking the idiot down in preparation for his pummeling by the pax. (There’s also a report the flight attendants threw boiling water at him. Sounds right out of “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.”)

  2. To follow up on Jeff, seems the hijacker didn’t speak French, which the pilot and most of the passengers did. The pilot told women and kids to move to the back, men to the front, boil some water, and hold tight. More or less. Freakin’ ingenious.

  3. Didn’t realize you were such a big fan of the death penalty.

    It’s also worth noting, as commenters above do, that this hijacker was not killed, and that the passengers were organized by the pilot.

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