3 replies on “Southern Virginia.”

  1. I don’t like it – not one bit. But then, I’m a conservative and fear change. BTW, I always thought Southside was a little bigger than the counties listed in the story. What about Prince Edward, Amelia, and Nottoway to name a few?

  2. I gotta admit, “Southside” invokes a mental picture of check cashing services, bail bond brokers, dollar stores, and sullen teenagers in puffy jackets.

  3. I am with the Judge on the counties issue; Cumberland is part of ‘Southside’ just as much as Charlotte County is.

    On the other hand, with Frank Ruff opining that ‘Southern’ sounds more genteel than ‘Southside’, one has to wonder if genteel is what we want to go with. Does that image hurt or help the region in marketing itself?

    Considering some of Frank’s pronouncements concerning Virgil Goode, I have to wonder if Frank is just blindly partisan, or if he is just filling the time before next year’s GA races with fluff subjects.

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