“For the Record” video.

WHTJ was kind enough to provide me with a DVD of my September appearance on “For the Record”, their nationally-syndicated political discussion show. Better still, they cheerfully agreed to let me share the video here. Since the reviews weren’t too bad, why not?

I find this unbearable to watch. My frequent blinking, the fact that my collar is insufficiently starched, and the expression on my face that I know means I’m thinking “try not to look stupid try not to look stupid try not to look stupid” all conspire to make this fairly painful for me. Hopefully you won’t have the same reaction.

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  1. This is the reason I stick to radio. I’m OK, just OK, in a radio studio. You did much better than I would have done on the same TV set. Methinks you’re being too perfectionist on yerself.

  2. You did great. Whenever I read/hear someone talk about how disturbing it is to see/hear themselves, I always think of Walker Percy’s comments in “Lost in the Cosmos” about how we can know so much about the entire universe (physical laws, contents, properties, etc), but we are sometimes stopped short when doing something as simple as seeing ourselves as others see us…”who is THAT”?

  3. I considered your points very carefully; you almost had me convinced. But then I noticed your collar, and decided that everything you said was wrong. Now George Will…I believe every word that guy says because his collar is so credible.

  4. Any media outlet that you appear in should at least provide you with a copy of any footage where you appear. It’s usually done out of common courtesy. Now you can continue to put together your ‘pundit promo reel’. :)

  5. There are TV and radio interviews I’ve done that I haven’t even watched completely. It’s way too easy to just nitpick yourself to death, you get that knot in the stomach feeling while watching/listening, and you just don’t want to see anymore.

  6. Grampa has figured out the blinking problem. It’s you hair. As you speak, your hair rubs against your eyebrows and causes you to blink

  7. Hi –

    Ran upon a link that led to a link that ran to another which led me to yours. :) Enjoyed reading / Listening. Especialyl enjoyed you little page on the Pink Warehouse in which I live (I’m a basement dweller). I’ve been there for several years and have sunk lotsa cash and time into fixing it up. I love it there and in the warehous in general. We’ve had New Years event evey year for the past four … DJ’s, food, dancing, mingling, etc. If you’re in the area maybe you’ll stop by.



  8. Shamless Mac plug. tsk, tsk.

    That said, it was a pretty spot on analysis of blogging. Extremely decent of “For the Record” to give you a DVD of the show. Did they do that on voluntarily or did you need to request it first? Even better that they let you rebroadcast it.

  9. Shamless Mac plug. tsk, tsk.

    I’m nothing if not shameless. :)

    That said, it was a pretty spot on analysis of blogging. Extremely decent of “For the Record” to give you a DVD of the show. Did they do that on voluntarily or did you need to request it first? Even better that they let you rebroadcast it.

    They sent me a recording of the show, as I understand they send all of their guests. It’s the rights to redistribute it that’s so unusual and, I think, impressive.

  10. Waldo,
    Thanks for your introduction of the WashDC world to blogs!
    You did an excellent job!
    AND I strongly encourage you to seek political office and appointments!
    At the same time you are erudite, you are also genuine, as you seem poised and a statesman, you stumble and are just one of us people!
    My wife asked: are blogs the same as the BBS/bulletin boards?
    ps On my monitor that photo of Mr. Starchyshirt is too black: can you replace it?
    must I give my real name?
    or do you like pseudnonyms here?

    RSVP: What is your ancestory? Matsuko my wife guessed that you are French? R U?

  11. Good for your wife for recognizing that blogs’ lineage goes back to BBSs. There isn’t 1 in 100 internet users who are aware of that.

    My ancestry is all over the map. :) I’m mostly Irish and Italian, but my name is French by way of an ancestor who escaped France to Sweden with the Huguenots, the name changing from Jaques to Jaquith in the process. Some day I want to get one of those $200 DNA tests that tells you every bit of your lineage. That could be pretty interesting.

    Thanks for your kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed the show. It was fun to make, but I had little confidence that it would be fun for others to watch. :)

  12. Sorry, I’m a pudgy, gray-haired, middle-aged woman who looks like everyone’s mommy, so I think your self-criticism is way too harsh. You’re a nice looking young man and you did just fine. At least you don’t look like the collar’s strangling you, as it does to poor Webb, and the blinking is not noticeable. Everyone blinks on camera. And you don’t look nervous. So, enough already with the harsh self-criticism. You didn’t even stammer, stutter, or butcher the English language like certain other people who shall remain nameless.

  13. p.s., I’m Irish and Italian, too, with a smidgen of French thrown in (we ARE a handsome people, aren’t we?).

  14. “It’s easier to blog than to use Microsoft Word.”

    That cracked me up. Really. Good job, Waldo.

    PS: I’ve read that people that blink a lot come across as more sincere and honest. I don’t know if that’s true (it doesn’t work if you kind of know the person), but it’s an interesting theory. It’s not that your hair’s too long, it’s that you’re too honest and sincere. Yes, yes, we all have our faults. :)

  15. I happened to catch the interview on MHZ in Arlington this morning (Sunday). It was a good show to watch. Very impressive, Waldo!

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