Bob Gibson looks back at Allen’s career.

In today’s Daily Progress, Bob Gibson wraps up Allen’s career. My favorite bit: “If he was a uniting figure, however, it was among Republicans. He never appealed much to Democrats. Anyone who intentionally mispronounces the name of the Democratic Party by calling it the Democrat Party isn’t even trying.” Damned straight. I wonder if Sen. Allen will put more time into bringing an end to religious discrimination, as he promised Wolf Blitzer, as O.J. Simpson has put into “finding the real killer”?

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One reply on “Bob Gibson looks back at Allen’s career.”

  1. It’s a nice column, with one quibble — “The man from Earlysville”? I think Gibson missed the boat by glossing over the fact that Allen’s Virginia good-ol’-boy persona was as manufactured as his cowboy one.

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