6 replies on “I, for one, welcome our new dolphin overlords.”

  1. Just because someone believes in creation doesn’t mean that they’re not open to new ideas. Sure, some that believe in creation are narrow minded, but so are some evolutionists.

    Please, don’t paint everyone with such a broad brush. As in everything, there are several layers of gray between the fringe loonies.

  2. I’m not aware of a definition of “creationist” that means something other than a belief in a 6,000-year-old Earth, a time period that precludes evolution. You’re drawing a distinction that I’m not aware of. Could you explain further?

  3. My head already asploded back when the story and pictures of the two-headed kitten were circulating around the internet. To think that the premodern world was populated by two-headed cats!

    Our ancient forbears lived in a wonderful, freaky world.

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