Allen campaign ignoring media phone calls.

TPM: The Allen campaign isn’t responding to requests from the media that he unseal his divorce records. “It’s what every Washington insider is talking about: what’s inside those sealed records down in Albemarle County.” This is going to be very unpleasant for George Allen.

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4 replies on “Allen campaign ignoring media phone calls.”

  1. Hmmm… perhaps the voters in Massachusetts will care enough to make inquiries as to Senator Kerry’s medical records the next time he seeks re-election?

    As a Virginian, I’m interested in finding out whether it’s true that our own Senator Allen hits women. How could we clear that up?

    If we’re making speculative comparisons, though, I wouldn’t fault a Senator for being ill. I would fault a Senator for hitting his wife.

    What if somebody came forward with testimony witnessing spousal abuse? I reckon they’d be called a liar first. Then, if they produced photographic evidence, we’d be told that happened long ago, back in the 1970s and there was no need in dredging up ancient history. And, then, we’d hear that “my opponent would rather engage in character assassination that talk about the issues”. Maybe he’d get his wife on television with him again. We know how the playbook reads.

    The problem is, nobody trusts George Allen anymore. His credibility is gone.

  2. The problem is, nobody trusts George Allen anymore. His credibility is gone.

    I agree, Harry. So is the credibility of several well known Virginia bloggers when they defend someone like George Allen. Nothing more than sticking with a candidate when he is as morally and intellectually bankrupt.

    Anyone know why the records are sealed in Albemarle? I wonder if just anyone can have their records sealed in a divorce if they want to. The only other person I can think of along these lines is Jack Ryan of Illinois, whose divorce records became public in 2004, followed by his withdrawal from the campaign.

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