Conservative blogger accidentally promotes Webb.

This is supposed to be an anti-Webb slideshow, but it certainly looks like a pro-Webb ad to me. I think it’s just a sign of how far out of the mainstream that many Republicans have become — they still believe that Americans support the war, and figure that if they point out that Webb opposes it, that would be bad for him. Far from it.

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  1. Alton, if you really believe that there is no good side to Webb, I’m not sure that there’s a whole lot to discuss — other than perhaps our presumed agreement that there’s a good side to Senator Allen.

    In an effort to answer your question: When I watched this I thought it was simply a poorly-crafted promotion for Webb. (Not in terms of production value, but in terms of message.) I was confused beginning after maybe two minutes, when it crossed my mind that perhaps this wasn’t actually a promotion for Webb, if only because I got the sense that I was supposed to believe that some of what was being written was bad. Then when I saw quotes from Webb attacking Kerry and then the picture of him with Kerry did I realize that somebody was trying to attack him, but couldn’t decide if their target was Democrats or Republicans.

  2. I recall when we were on the verge of invading Iraq a lot of the opposition saying that, if we did go in, it would be Vietnam all over again. I also remember a lot of Republican supporters saying that was crazy talk. That Iraq would be nothing like Vietnam. I think there is some truth to that, since no two wars are exactly alike and it is foolish to oversimplify them as such. Though I love the irony that this ad seems to admit that Iraq is like Vietnam.

    Those folks over at Allen’s campaign sure are nice. I mean not only is Allen practically handing Webb the senate seat with his continual scandals… now they are even taking care of advertising for him. I wonder if Allen is going to vote for Webb too while he’s at it.

    That Allen… what a nice guy! I’d almost vote for him… if he weren’t so foolish… and I took up eating glass while bungee jumping with a slightly too long rope shortly before election day.

  3. You guys are delusional… Flora brings together excellent quotes, and the main impact is… (as she puts in her piece), “the war will only be lost at home”.

    It reminds me of the political cartoon, (author escapes me now) of all the (D)emocrats/ics riding in the back seat of a car being driving by “W” and Rumsfeld, repeatedly saying.. “Is it Vietnam Yet, Is it Vietnam Yet” (as children always pester their parents from the back seat, “are we there yet, are we there yet” !

    and further commenting upon the war, and Dems… Without a draft in place, how do you protest a war being fought by volunteers? The Left of Center folks are only trying to create a “climate of Vietnam”… that is wrong!

    It is not a stretch to imply that those people, are the equivilants of the American Civil War “Copper Heads”….

  4. You know Waldo, what your smokin’ wasn’t legal during Vietnam either. Go over to NLS and see the convulsions your team went into over this video.

    The only way it’s a “pro-Webb” video is if you can’t read.

    And you just ain’t that stupid.

  5. I’m not on a “team,” Ward. There are no huddles. If there’s a playbook, I don’t have a copy. I can read well enough, and I’m not under the influence of drugs. Perhaps a better conclusion might be that I simply disagree with some members of my “team” and, apparently, you.

  6. This has to be the absolute worst ad I’ve ever seen.

    It gives the Democratic talking points with nice catchy music by Chris Isaak in the background.

    Most Americans want us out of Iraq; and Allen’s unequivocal support, GOP wingnuts is not anything to run your campaign on.

    Whoever designe that ad should be immediately fired, er, I mean promoted to chief strategist.

  7. Well, okay then. But you don’t have to get snippy about it.

    I just find it interesting that anyone would consider this “pro-Webb.” And I was simply amazed (probably shouldn’t have been) at the hysteria the video produced over at NLS.

  8. Ward, to be fair, you did just suggest that I’m either under the influence of drugs or cannot read. I think I’m due a little snippiness. :)

    On the topic, I’m afraid that I simply not familiar with that hysteria. I haven’t read what any other bloggers have to say about this, other than on “Allen’s A Team.” I am largely “a freeloading member of the Virginia political blogging community” for the time being.

    As I explained, by the time the video winds up it’s clear that it’s meant to bash Webb. It just doesn’t work. In the eyes of most Virginians, I’m convinced this would be a wash, at worst, and I suspect a positive.

  9. The fact that it draws a parallel between Vietnam and Iraq makes it an instant loser. Republicans can’t use the “V-word” with losing in November.

    The fact that Jim Webb predicted the situation we are in simply makes him look more intelligent than most of the Republican–and Democratic–members of Congress who voted for it and the Bush administration who orchestrated it.

    Bush has been trying all week to shift the focus to the War on Terror and away from Iraq, but by all means, do shift the debate back to Iraq Ward–it will kill the Republican majority in Congress.

  10. “Without a draft in place, how do you protest a war being fought by volunteers?”

    There are plenty of reasons to have issue with a war other than draft, but to answer your question in its framming…

    When you are getting so few volunteers that you have to send the national guard overseas.

  11. On the topic of a volunteer military, well, plenty of people (and before anyone attacks me on this, I’m certainly not stating that it’s the majority of any branch of the military) who oppose the war still fight out of a sense of duty for their country. This goes doubly-so for those in the National Guard.

    It’s not like they go around to each barracks and ask, “Okay, so, we’re thinking about invading Iraq. Who’d like to come?”

  12. I think the reason that it is pro-Webb is because it is about Webb. Instead of finishing with D = Defeat or Jim’s Dark Ride, why not put G. Allen’s virtues at the end?

    I know, because he doesn’t have any.

  13. I have wondered how Webb could hope to be effective in the Senate with his record of disgust with the Clintons. Presumably Webb has some answer to this but I have not heard it.

  14. – “The fact that Jim Webb predicted the situation we are in simply makes him look more intelligent than most of the Republican–and Democratic–members of Congress who voted for it and the Bush administration who orchestrated it.”

    Fair enough. Now think about this exact quote but make the “situation” the 1991 Gulf War instead the Iraq war. Webb doesn’t look so smart then, does he?

    He was against that one just as strongly and also predicted disaster. Nostradamus had a handful of correct predictions too, but he also had plenty that were totally false. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once and a while.

    Besides, the Iraq war is still in progress. How can anyone pass judgment on it? What would a 1943 judgment of WWII look like? The Germans and Japanese were kicking all kinds of ass all over the globe.

    This video doesn’t shine a pleasant light on Webb, but it’s obviously very partisan and I doubt it will change many minds. Republicans will cheer, Democrats will jeer. Undecideds probably won’t see it at all, and if they do they will write it off as probably only presenting half the picture.

  15. I liked the music and the message. The music was peaceful and beautiful. The messages were all anti-war talking points (which could be used to criticize the Republicans or the hawks in the Democratic party). I think it helps Webb a lot. Who is Allen again?

    Seriously I think it may mean that Allen’s supporters are all tapped out – nothing left to say… and a whole month remains until the election for Allen to continue to make verbal blunders. Best if Allen simply withdrew now and let Gail “4 rail” Parker have a shot at Webb. Her team might be able to put something stronger out there.

    It’s funny, I wake up to NewsChannel8’s all Allen ads all the time, and the man just can’t get Virginians to think anything good about him despite megabucks in spending.

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