3 replies on “Terry issues a challenge.”

  1. I certainly understand what Shear and Morse are trying to say. Blogs can sound a bit repetitive.

    But very few Virginia bloggers are professional. For many, it is a hobby that brings in little or no money. We do not have a large publication backing us with money or promises of publication. As much as I would love to place some more original information in my blog, I am fairly limited in what I can do with my other obligations.

    However, even though I will not be attending the upcoming summit, I may try to change my blogging a little during that proposed time. Maybe try to step away from current events or hot topic debates and touch on some neglected topics. I cannot say that they will run entirely original (on the contrary, they may include more sources), but at least it might avoid a further echo within the Virginia blogosphere. And it will be rather interesting to read what comes of this period.

  2. Absolutely. The challenge for me will be spending three days writing material for my site. The argument could be made that there is nothing written on my site since April 28th that wasn’t 100% mine. *ahem*

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