Wadhams attacks Zogby, Sabato.

Sen. Allen’s campaign is already lashing out at Zogby, Larry Sabato. Desperation came to this campaign quickly, but I don’t understand why. Allen can’t afford to burn these sort of bridges. Heck, he’s known Sabato since they went to UVa together.

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  1. This is all very interesting. At this point in the campaign, given the fact that it is Allen with all of the money, it would be reasonably expected that Allen’s campaign would have a very specific strategy to define who Jim Webb is. They have the resources to do this. Jim Webb is scrambling for money and to transition his campaign for the general election.

    This is the weak point in the Webb campaign. Perhaps it is the weakest he will be before November. It is stunning to see just how unprepared the Allen campaign is to strike when they need to most. They are not defining Jim Webb…amazing.

    Flailing at Sabato is even more amazing.

    I am a Jim Webb supporter. I am in an active and animated discussion with the campaign on how best we can present Jim Webb in this area. Like all Democratic campaigns, we are under funded and struggle on the organizing side. I have been really surprised that the “team” effort on the Democratic side is going so strongly. Old barriers are being swept aside.

    I fully expected that the Allen campaign would capitalize on this transition/organization period. It is hard to believe our luck. It would appear that the Allen campaign still has not grasp the idea that this race is not like the past races. Great! We’ll take all of the breaks we can get!

  2. Webb is not the usual conventional candidate so I think the Allen campaign is going to struggle to define Webb. Which is a big plus for Webb.

    Unfortunately for George Allen, he has a voluminous record that is waiting to be picked apart by the Webb folks.

  3. It seems many modern candidates are convinced they can use surrogates to trash anybody and everybody, when it suits the grand all-overshadowing scheme.

    So, I predict Allen will laugh when he next sees Sabato, slap him on the back. Then, with a whisper, he will disclaim Wadhams’ harsh remarks. Both men will know what’s going on.

  4. I have to say I am surprised. I assumed Allen had commercials in the can whoever had won the primary and assumed we would be greeted Wednesday morning with his anti-Webb attack ads. That he has not done so is good news for us.

  5. It appears to me that George Allen is working hard to keep a positive image for himself, but allowing the campaign workers to do the hard work of criticism. Though, saying that the Allen campaign “lashed out” at Sabato and Zogby is likely a stretch. Correct me if I am wrong, but my guess is Wadhams was specifically asked about the polling and then gave his opinion, not offering his opinion freely.

    Still, I have to say that I wonder why they bother with public poll results at this point. They really serve very little purpose other than to say “haha, your guy is losing.” And I would think that Democrats would be tired of that after the presidential campaigns of 2000 and 2004.

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