Goode giving up MZM contributions.

Rep. Virgil Goode released this statement today regarding what he’ll do with the money he’s received from MZM, Inc.:

Fifth District Congressman Virgil Goode is donating $88,000 from his campaign to not-for-profit rganizations across the Fifth District. The money is that contributed by the Political Action Committee of MZM and employees of the company to Goode’s re-election committee. “In spite of questions raised by some, these contributions to my re-election committee were valid and proper.” said Goode. “Yet, I believe that the funds can benefit a number of organizations that help many persons in the Fifth District, so I am distributing it to Gleaning for the World, to volunteer fire departments and rescue squads and to animal shelters. Being of help to the Fifth District has been my primary goal since I was elected to the House of Representatives in 1996.”

MZM has been acquired by Athena; it operates the Foreign Supplier Assessment Center in Martinsville. Goode said, “I continue to believe that the Foreign Supplier Assessment Center is important for the operations of Department of Defense in keeping our nation secure, and I believe that some of our defense operations should be distributed outside the Washington Beltway and in areas like Martinsville. I know some persons who work in the Foreign Supplier Center, and they are dedicated to this important national security work.”

In addition to the Center in Martinsville, Athena has a facility in Albemarle County. In my opinion, the personnel in both facilities are doing quality work for our country, and I hope that they will continue to be partners in the Fifth District economy for years to come,” said Goode.

(Via Martinsville Daily)

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  1. First the big Fitzmas letdown, now this! Next thing you know, the economy is going to surge upward or something.

    Oh, wait…


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