MZM investigation ongoing.

The AP says that the MZM investigation isn’t ending with Duke Cunningham, it’s starting with Duke Cunningham:

Cunningham, who could get up to 10 years in prison at sentencing Feb. 27 on charges of conspiracy to commit bribery and fraud, and tax evasion, may not be the only person ensnared in the case. Prosecutors have indicated they have more than him in mind.

“There’s more work to be done,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Phillip Halpern said Monday. Cunningham has promised to cooperate.

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11 replies on “MZM investigation ongoing.”

  1. Waldo, I gotta tell ya, this sucks. plain and simple. I had the honor of meeting Rep. Cunningham many times and being a student of History, I was impressed with his past performance: flying ace of the Vietnam War; nominated for the Medal of Honor; recipient of the Navy Cross…and many other decorations for valor. He certainly did “his part.” But this is a let down.

    As a McCain supporter in 2000, I have always favored ways to eliminate special interests in Washington who lure our Representatives daily with all sorts of incentives. I’ve never understood why this became a Republican vs. Democrat issue. Seems to me that effective campaign finance reform would help “keep” guys like Duke Cunningham, honest. Oh well. We never learn from History. Why should this be different.

  2. the question i have in regards tot he MZM brides, of course, those congressmen who are guilty of accepting bribes will get prison time, but how about MZM, is it illegal to offer bribes for poltical favor? I’m sure it is, right?

  3. Interesting response.

    Im a little confused about why something should have to “keep” him honest. Lure? Give me a break…

    He chose to steal, KNEW it was wrong, and got caught. I do not deny him compassion, nor a fair trial.

    Many of us do learn from History, we just dont run for office.

  4. how about MZM, is it illegal to offer bribes for poltical favor? I’m sure it is, right?

    You’re quite right Will, it is illegal to offer bribes. By getting Cunningham to cooperate, they’re getting him to roll over on everybody who paid him off, who I imagine will be charged accordingly. I expect they’re now getting those guys — MZM, et al — to cooperate so that they’ll name everybody with whom they had a quid pro quo, and that should sweep up just about everybody in this particular group, I expect.

    A few people may well get off, in exchange for their testimony, if their case of bribery is less strong (or substantial) than the benefit of a plea.

  5. “My interest in him is that he represents me. If I didn’t live in the 5th, I can’t see that I’d have much to say about him.” -Waldo refering to his own commentary on Virgil Goode.

    So here’s my question, if that is true: When did Duke Cunningham move to the 5th District?

  6. Wait, silly me. Duke didn’t move to Virginia’s 5th district. Waldo must’ve moved to California’s 50th District.

  7. Okay, I’ll explain it very slowly for you then, Walt. Waldo said “If I didn’t live in the 5th, I can’t see that I’d have much to say about him.” He didn’t say “I have no interest in anyone outside the 5th.” The idea that you would argue that it means that is what qualifies as “so stupid that I’m speechless.”

    To put it another way, when someone throws up an argument that has no conceivable basis in logic, there’s little point in wasting effort trying to use logic to refute it.

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