Craddock on gays, Africans.

Wow. Chris Craddock really stepped in it this time.

AIDS is rampant in Africa not because of a lack of birth control, a lack of health care or a lack of education but, apparently, because “Africans will have sex with anything that has a pulse.”

And people aren’t born gay, it comes of a lack of a father figure, having an abusive father figure, or a lack of love in the family.

There’s saying something stupid, and there’s saying something stupid. He doubled up this time. What a maroon.

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  1. Well, I guess it wasn’t enough to insult 11% of the population, he had to just go ahead and cuss out an entire continent on top of that.

    This guy was actually nominated by a major political party!?

    I think to be in politics you need some semblance of mental stability.

    Deranged and Delegate are a dangerous mix.

  2. So Pastor John, since Craddock is one of your disciples; does that mean that you are the one teaching him that “Africans will have sex with anything that has a pulse”? The quote is alleged to have come directly from Mr. Craddock’s mouth, and perhaps as your deisciple he learned that opinion from you. If so, could you please state your source for that extremely perjorative statement?

    Chris Craddock is a racist bigot. The only reason he has a major party nomination at all is because apathetic voters were stirred into a ludicrous outrage about taxes (ludicrous because we enjoy exceptionally low taxes in Virginia). Craddock’s Pat Robertson and Rich DeVos funded campaign succeeded in tossing out a perfect decent Republican and honeroable legislator (Gary Reese) who is the real Republican. They were only able to do this by getting a bunch of never-voted-before idiots to go to a little attended primary election this past June.

    Most people in the 67th do NOT agree with Mr Craddock’s hatred for anything different than himself, and most of them probably do not even know about it. A few were incensed about the recent Virginia budget because it was labeled a tax increase by the wing-nuts (right wing neo-cons who do not represent the traditional Republican constituency).

    The real race in the 67th should be between Caputo and Eby (the real anti-tax Libertarian) – but no one votes Libertarian because of Virginia’s screwed up election laws. So it will be a tight race between Caputo and Craddock. The irony is that the Republicans would have had an EASY victory if they’d have kept Gary Reese as their candidate. Delegate Reese has earned honor and respect from both sides of the aisle.

    I’m so glad I’m not in the 67th. I don’t like any choice there now. Caputo and Craddock are both too socially conservative for me, and Eby is very loony (besides, I like the idea of slightly more taxes to keep Virginia having a balanced budget). Thank goodness I am in the 13th where we have a real choice in Bruce Roemmelt!

  3. AHahaha … wow … someone sounds a little bitter. Don’t get your hopes up there- Bruce Roemmelt has no chance of winning. You can’t come into the 13th district cloaked in Dean, the Unions, & Company and hope to have a chance of winning.

  4. scott nolan. you liberals must always resort to the politics of personal destruction. chris craddock is not racist, nor does he hate homos. the first tactic that commies like yourself always use is to call people names or insult their racial heritage. yes, chris craddock is proud of the white race. yes, chris craddock wants to help hiomosexuals get better either by medicine or by stones to the head. but that does not make him a racist, nor does it make him a biggot.

    gary reese is now the governor of russia, where he belongs.

  5. Pastor John,

    I don’t know who you are or how you found this blog, but that is patently offensive. You need to tone it down or leave.

  6. Bill, Scott: Pastor John is a snark, devil’s advocate, pullin’ yer chain… Play with him, it’s fun. Watch this one…

    Pastor John: Obviously Chris Craddock is a self-hating homosexual who got turned down by too many black guys. Do you yourself enjoy sex with Chris Craddock, and if not, have the two of you considered a sex therapist? it might help.

    JB: The reasons that Bruce Roemmelt will win are too numerous to cite here, but a quick list might be useful.
    * He’s run a much better campaign, on the ground and on the issue.
    * He’s actually able to deal with the issues, rather than Craddock-like obsession with homosexuals and fear of women’s rights.
    * He’s a badass!

  7. On gay people, Craddock is clearly an ignorant ass. With regard to HIV in Africa, he’s essentially right. I Publius hits the nail on the head. Is anyone really trying to argue that half of the African continent has AIDS because of blood transfusions? Did someone ‘magic them’ with the AIDS? They’re transmitting AIDS because they are having a whole lot of unprotected sex with each other. This is an indisputable fact. I can’t imagine why any liberal or conservative who wants to do something about the problem of AIDS would deny this.

    Is every single person in Africa a whore? No, of course not. But apparantly enough of them are that AIDS has become a massive social and medical problem for many parts of Africa.

    Paster John, when you talk about helping “hiomosexuals get better either by medicine or by stones to the head” you are demonstrating a level of un-Christian, pagan bigotry that is so shameful you should be on your knees praying to God for forgiveness right now. Assuming of course that you claim to be a Christian, which your handle suggests. I seem to recall Christ making a rather dramatic statement about ‘stones to head’ and people whose sexual practices deviate from the standards of the stone-throwers. If you were to die right this minute without having asked for forgiveness for what you’ve just said, you’re headed for the hot place. Apologize immediately.

  8. aids is spread when illegal immigrants receive public benefits. every time a welfare worker gives illegals free beans and toyata trucks, the law requires them to infect a young 13 yaer old girl with aids. that’s the maine way it spread. don’t believe the biggots who tell yo it’s the homosexuals. they don’t spread it anymore. they used to, but we got those bumper stickers that say stop aids with the no sign around a butty man and that shut them down for good.

    tim kaine supports illegal immigration for this reason. because like creigh deeds he wants aids in as many people as possible .don’t believe the lies about jerry kilgore being a homosexual, he is far from it. if jerry kilgore is a homosexual then george allen hired all gay aids as a governor who went into bird park and had sex with men for money. and that’s not true at all.

  9. ata god said judge not lest ye be judged yourself and since you judged me that gives me a clear pass to judge you:

    you are going to burn in hell and it will be painful.

    you will be in hell but you might as well vote the russians out of the republican party while you haev a chance. god bless chris craddock and god bless america. the liberals tried to change the pledge of allegiance ot one nation under jah as well as forcing mandatory lesbian experimentation in the lcokerrooms but we put a stop to that. but only if gary reese does not rewin his seat against john mason in 2006

  10. josh – the answer is no,

    but i have a question for you: does it bother you that baby jesus cries when you have sex change operations every other week in order to try to marry yourself in hawaii?

  11. i see no one is left to argue with me, you’ve all been educated. well that’s fine but let me tell you one more thing about aborting little citizens of the united states of america.

    you liberals may think that abortion is fun and games. well it’s not. i survived an abortion, so i know better than you. the coathanger came in and the doctors who were watching the ultrasound and drinking beer and playing cards and laughing hysterically said later than i was dodging it left and right and left and right. then i grabbed the coathanger and road it out to freedom. this explains my fear of coathangers and also my fear of my grandfather, who tried to throw me back in there because i was all messed up in my face and arms and legs and chest.

  12. They’re transmitting AIDS because they are having a whole lot of unprotected sex with each other. This is an indisputable fact.

    Close, but no cigar. It’s a huge oversimplification, like saying “AIDS is caused by HIV.” Yes, that’s true, thank you, but what causes it?

    The biggest problem is the use of “they.” “Those crazy Africans, having sex with goats and monkeys and stuff. They just like to get it on. Anything with a pulse, you know.” What a ridiculous implication.

    The best review of the cause of the high rate of HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan African that I’ve found is in Helen Epstein’s "The Hidden Cause of AIDS," in the New York Review of Books (05/09/2002).

    Firstly, many Africans have no idea of what AIDS is. They’ve never heard of it or, if they have, they have the facts altogether wrong. This is what comes of not having schools.

    Secondly, I’ve encountered no evidence that Africans are having any more sex with any more partners than westerners. The “has sex with anything with a pulse” assertion is simple false — Craddock is preying on cultural stereotypes, at worst, and preying on the students’ presumed ignorance of African cultures, at best.

    Thirdly, low-risk people are actually at higher risk of contracting HIV than high-risk people. Think that through for a second. One township in South Africa was studied by epidemiologists, and their discoveries were interesting (Denise Gilgen et al., “The Natural History of HIV/AIDS in South Africa: A Biomedical and Social Survey in Carletonville”). The average woman in the township had engaged in sex with three or less partners in their life. They were not prostitutes. 60% of them were HIV+. Why? Their partners, all migrant miners, were having sex with prostitutes while gone for extended periods, unbeknownst to the women, and spreading the virus.

    Fourthly, a significant portion of infections (it varies by region) are spread from mother to child. That’s three infected people — husband, wife, child — in which only one of them needed to ever have sex with more than one partner to infect them all.

    AIDS is spread in sub-Saharan Africa by unprotected sex more than by any other method, but it’s primarily unprotected sex between the same sorts of people who have unprotected sex in the west — husband and wife, long-term partners, etc. Not by “having sex with anything with a pulse.”

    In saying that, Craddock (deliberately?) recalls the old myth that AIDS first infected humans because of Africans having sex with monkeys. This fits the old western stereotype of Africans as filthy, primitive, semi-humans. Unluckily for Craddock, the students in that classroom weren’t so ignorant as to support such asinine notions.

  13. Clearly Chris Craddock has prospered under your tutelege, Pastor John. When the glorious rise of the Conservative Reich, ahem.. regime is complete I’m sure you will both have places of high esteem amongst the chosen few.

  14. It was a simple question, Josh — why get your panties bunched over it?

    Thanks for the excellent answer, Waldo.

  15. Waldo, you rock. You backed up common sense with lots of facts, as usual. My hat is off to you in salute!

    I just realized, that with more posts from “pastor john” – there is a distinct similarity between his text formatting and spelling and that of a lot of the computer generated SPAM I get in my email inbox every day. Any chance our “pastor” is not a human being at all, but a blog spam-bot?

  16. Spelling check: did you really mean “demon” or did you mean “daemon”?

    The former would be accusing someone (probably me) of being demonic.

    The latter could either be the same with the English spelling, or a very shrewd and ironic banishment of the spam-bot daemon that is posting random text as “pastor john” – hmmm…

    I remain highly entertained either way.

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