The finest minds of my generation.

One of my classes this semester is an internet-based science and technology course. It’s a 200-level course, so the analysis done in the web-based discussions isn’t supposed to be particularly in-depth, but it should reveal some sort of reflection, synthesis, and learning. For the majority of students, though, nothin’ doin’. Here’s is the whole of a representative reply in response to a question asking for thoughts on the artificial sexual reproduction process that is the premise of Aldus Huxley’s Brave New World.

I felt the way they came into the word was artificial. There was no conception between two individuals. I felt that the way that they were produce in the Brave New World was not natural but artificial. The world in which they lived seemed artificial to me.

I have one more class on Monday, exams start Monday night, and, come Friday night, no more of this.

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