The cascading effects of development.

Overcrowding and sprawl spread ever outwards from their point of origin. Washington D.C. has sprawled northward to form continuous suburbs clear to New York City, and south to Culpeper. Charlottesville has eaten up the bulk of the 29 North corridor, and Greene County is getting similarly nasty. This cascading effect leads to bumper stickers like the one often spotted in the New River Valley: “Don’t Montgomery Floyd,” sported by those in Floyd who have seen what sprawl has done to Montgomery County.

The Rappahannock News writes about how these bumper stickers illustrate the cascade of sprawl, over time:

Having served as county administrator in Clarke County previously, Lee recalled seeing bumper stickers that said, “Don’t Fairfax Loudoun” and then “Don’t Loudoun Clarke,” followed by “Don’t Clarke Fauquier” and questioned if the new sticker should read, “Don’t Fauquier Rapp.”

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