VT’s G5 cluster.

Virginia Tech is doing something very cool. They’ve bought 1,100 Apple G5s, which they’re going to group together to create one of the fastest supercomputers in the world. They intend to take delivery of the systems this coming week. There’s an information session being held about in this Thursday morning, which I’ll certainly attend.


Many of the girls at Tech could hypothetically wear less clothing, but they would, in fact, be naked. Lord knows I’m no prude — I’ve done my share of nude hiking — but I couldn’t imagine walking around with as little clothing as some of these girls. Most people wear more to the beach.

$.5T Deficit

The Congressional Budget Office will reveal tomorrow that our deficit is about to expand further still, from $401B this year to $500B — half a trillion dollars — next year. They forecast a total $6.3T deficit in the next decade. That’s not including $2T tax cuts planned by the White House. Tax cuts that will, …