Value America finally crawled into a hole and died. Thank God.

So, Value America has finally gone under. It’s about damned time. I’ve been a vocal opponent of Value America since shortly after they started, I don’t mind saying. They came into our town waving an “IPO” banner and I watched sucker after sucker line up and empty out their wallets. I had quite a few friends lose their jobs after the last round of firings when they “experienced a restructuring” a few months back. I’ve just wanted these carpetbaggers to get the hell out of our town; I guess this does it.

I saw a great letter to the editor in The C-Ville Weekly earlier in the year, in reaction to a negative article that they’d done on Value America. Some woman wrote in, arguing with C-Ville’s point that Value America was fundamentally worthless, existing solely for the purpose of an IPO. She was pointing out that surely this was inaccurate, because Craig Winn (a Value America founder) was building a really huge house out in Free Union, and where would he get the money for that if the company wasn’t worth something?

People astound me with their stupidity. It’s really breathtaking at times. But I’m happy about Value America’s long-delayed death, mostly because I’ll get a lot of points on Fucked Company.

Published by Waldo Jaquith

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