In Wired.

Wow, it looks like I haven’t touched my site for a while, based on the dates on here. But, in reality, I’ve just been updating my cphack page.

Anyhow, I’ve got a mention and a little quote in Wired. It’s in Elisa Batista’s 2nd-ever article for Wired, "Vendors Overwhelmed by ‘Love’." (Top of the 2nd page of the article. It’s one of a handful of articles on the ILOVEYOU virus that Wired has produced in the past 2 days. I’d just e-mailed a link to Wired:


There's already a patch for Sendmail.

I'm sure Microsoft will have a patch out within the month.



I just wanted them to provide a link to this simple little fix. The phone rang a couple of hours later, and there was Elisa, looking for some quotes. Unfortunately, due to this being an audio interview, the quotes didn’t come out quite right. My mention of became, and my reference to client-side technologies became "client-site." And it looks like I’m insulting Symantec and McAfee, but that’s my fault — those words did come out of my mouth. I like these companies, for the most part. Peter Norton’s snazzy duds suck me in every time.

Anyhow, it’s just another piece where I insult somebody’s product and say how Linux rules. Yup, I’m a opportunist lamer. :)

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