We’ve been working a lot

We’ve been working a lot on
cvillemusic.com. Like, a whole lot. Many late nights
of developing mySQL and PHP.
But after 14 months of work, it’s actually starting to look (and function) really good. But now
we have to be cautious not to rush to the finish line and end up with a poor product. We’re actually
looking for beta testers. Interested?

Also, WAM! has been doing really well. We just bought a bunch of much-needed software. (If anybody
thinks that Indesign is worth getting,
let me know, will ya’?) We’re waiting on the
Ikea 2000 catalogue to order some desks, so we can stop using
these secondhand ones. And, my favourite, we’re getting a
Windows box, just a little
eMachines, so that we can test our pages on it. It’s not like we
don’t already test ’em on Windows machines, but we’d like to be able to test more during
the development process.

Oh, and I’m moving this site over to my Linux box, and not a second too soon. I don’t think
that there will any downtime. I’ll keep the MX records at Red Light,
and just run all of the other services from here. That way I can back this site up with some databasing,
so that I can get the AT journals up to spec.

I saw Beetlejuice again last night. What a great

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