Allen considering running for Senate. Again.

It is awesome that George Allen is thinking about running for Senate again, if Sen. John Warner steps down, apparently having decided that he wasn’t quite as bored in the Senate as he once lamented. Of course, he also wishes he were born in Iowa, so maybe he should consider a run there. Let’s us Democrats keep our fingers crossed that he’ll run for Warner’s seat and that Republicans are foolish enough to nominate him.

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8 replies on “Allen considering running for Senate. Again.”

  1. This will be a more interesting race and probably one that is better for the GOP if Allen stays out. If Allen wins the nomination, what does that mean in terms of the VA GOP’s rift? Absolutely nothing. He’d win it on sheer party star power. And then get trounced in the most embarrassing way imaginable by Mark Warner. But a primary between Goode and Davis would finally be the sorting-out that so much of the base has demanded.

    Is the Virginia Republican Party’s brightest future in moderate, suburban NoVA latte-sipping compromisers who play well with Democrats? Or is does a return to dominance demand a return to bedrock conservative roots? This is the biggest question facing the party right now. A serious 2008 Senate race would be the ideal way to determine the way forward in as timely a manner as possible. To do that, the party needs a pair of candidates who bring these alternate futures into stark relief. A primary contest between Tom Davis and Virgil Goode would accomplish this.

  2. I could tell Allen wanted to run for Warner’s seat the day he conceded with Warner beside him. And I firmly believe that was the reason Warner changed his mind about retiring.

  3. Personally I hope he doesn’t. Do I think he would lose? Yes, but this last go around was pretty damn ugly and resulted in a big divide in the blogsphere. Things are finally starting to cool down; it would be a shame to once again see the best thing about political blogging, which is the abillity for the rational members of both parties to discuss issues respectably, to be once again lost in the flood. Maybe that will happen no matter who runs, but I have no doubt that it will if Allen does.

  4. Let’s go George! I think some folks are misunderestimating him and will live to regret it.

  5. Heaven forfend that someone get their feelings hurt as the price of substantively improving the U.S. Senate. If Virginia Republicans feel that that vacant-headed racist best represents them, well, let’s have Allen in the race.

  6. Last time, he barely lost. He might actually have a chance. I hope not, but it’s possible. I really hope John Warner isn’t retiring. He’s one of the good Republicans.

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