But what happens if George Allen runs for dog catcher?

Lloyd Snook explains the musical chairs being played by those seeking statewide offices and Sen. Warner’s seat.

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3 replies on “But what happens if George Allen runs for dog catcher?”

  1. He’ll be videotaped calling his opponent a “mangy bitch” and his history of torturing puppies will be revealed.

  2. And then a bunch of Dems will pounce on him for using the word “bitch”, which will result in a bunch of rightwing blogs with “Bitches for Allen” badges. These blogs will twitter away at how liberals just don’t understand what the word “bitch” means. Finally, it will be revealed that his mother is half-collie, and those GOPer blogs will immediately reverse their stance on the word after Allen’s opponent airs an ad asking “Who do you really want in office? Me or that son of a bitch?”

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