In Wired Again.

As if Friday hadn’t been enough, I’m in Wired again. This time, the print version 7.09, the September issue. Actually, it’s just a little letter to the editor. The funny thing is that it doesn’t really apply anymore. The letter, which is about digital phone service, was written a couple of months ago, when I used Intelos. That was before they moved me from unlimited time to a 700-minute plan, with no reduced cost. They just ignored their contract and said that I couldn’t have unlimited anymore. Ungrateful bastards; I spent many, many hours on the phone with their tech support, helping them debug their lousy implementation of CDMA. So, I switched to SunCom, a division of AT&T, with whom I have a dual-mode TDMA / analog phone. My SunCom phone, the Nokia 6162, is not nearly as sexy as my Intelos phone, with whom I have the Sony D-Wave Zuma. I’ve switched to the $20 / month plan at Intelos and given the phone to my father. I couldn’t bear to give it up. :)

Anyhow, that’s the background behind the letter.

So, Max was going to

So, Max was going to EBay‘s site this morning, and it didn’t come up. He asked me to try. It didn’t work. I did a traceroute, and it pretty much spun out after it got past The next machine identified itself as “”. That didn’t look right. So I did a whois on ARIN‘s site. That IP was registered to the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, presumably making it an unused IP. In any case, it wasn’t EBay’s. So I did a little pinging, and Max did an address scan of EBay’s actual IP range. Of a couple hundred machines, only half-a-dozen replied. (A few gateways, a switch, and one, lonely, machine.) So I e-mailed and Adam Penenberg. The phone rang a few minutes later.

Max: Hello? [pause] Um…yeah. Just a minute. [covers mouthpiece] Waldo, it’s James from Wired.
Waldo: Hello? James Glave? Wow. Yeah, sure, I’d be happy to.

So I talked to him, not knowing whether I was being interviewed, or if he was just looking for help on the story. Either way seemed cool. Well, he asked how to spell my name, and I knew that we were in.

Shortly thereafter, at 12:25pm, the story appeared on Wired. Woo!

And that’s pretty much all there is to it.

New Waldo.Net.

Wow, a new Waldo.Net! The old design was put up in January of 1998, 19 months ago, and it looked it. Rather than continue upkeep, I let it go to pot for a bit. Now it looks better than ever, IMHO. This is a preliminary version, run on a WinNT server. (Blech.) Soon, it’ll all be run through MySQL and PHP3, and is be hosted on my own in-office Linux server. What I’m hoping to do is come up with a few different site designs and let the user choose which one interests them. (Or maybe we’ll all read that statement in 6 months and laugh.) Anyhow, let me know what you think of the new look!

I’ve started on Apptrail Journal

I’ve started on Apptrail Journal v2.0. As some of you may have noticed, I went up to v1.1 recently, touching up some of the errors and such on the original site. Without changing any of the text, WAM!design is going to re-create the site. We’ll be creating a database to store all of the text, making it fully searchable. Along with that will come a new interface and a bunch of new entries. I hope y’all like it.